Mercury Mini (8cm)

Mercury Mini (8cm)

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【Mercury】- The Hidden Beauty of Reality

"In the silent rotation of Mercury in the cosmos, both color and reality are relative. By observing the world from different angles, hidden beauty reveals a whole new universe to us."

Mercury is a luminous art piece by Acorn Art, designed as a striking decorative piece or an ambient table lamp.

Ready to use right out of the box.

The piece is handcrafted by the artist, meticulously drawn, sculpted, and polished to reflect the impression and appearance of Mercury. Its surreal visual style creates a grand cosmic and ethereal atmosphere in any space.

The light source offers refined color rendering, making the illuminated space look more balanced and delicate, combining practical and collectible value. Each piece is a unique work of art, requiring considerable time and patience to create.

Materials: Fiberglass, mineral surface sculpture, luminous paint
Dimensions: Ø8cm
Accessories: USB plug base, button battery lamp cover (interchangeable)
Warranty: One year


【水星 Mercury 】隱藏的真實之美


水星 Mercury 為橡果藝術創作的發光藝術裝置,可作為呈現空間亮點擺設或氛圍桌燈。



配件:USB插頭底座、鈕扣電池燈蓋 (可交替使用)