Moon Titan Mini (8cm)

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Gazing at the starry sky, the contemplation of solitude.

Moon Titan

Titan is the sixth moon of Saturn, also known as Saturni Luna, which means Saturn's moon.
The ancient and vast starry sky attracts observers to momentarily turn away from the earthly realm, entering an imaginative universe to contemplate life and experience tranquility.

With the artist's ingenuity, Acorn Studio handcrafted the twinkling blue star "Titan", capturing the ethereal beauty of the Titan star and creating a fantasy visual experience in the living space.


The following refers to the crafting time.
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The actual arrival time depends on the logistics (Shipping Time). 
* 1 weeks: Taiwan, Asia (HK, Japan, etc.), USA, EU, Rest of the world
※ Please note for countries outside of Taiwan and USA customs taxes might incur.


Material: Fiberglass, mineral surface sculpture, glossy paint
Size: Ø 8cm / 3.2", 70g
Light Source: Voltage 3 volts, Power 0.25 watts, Color Temperature 6000K
Battery: CR2032 x 2
Approval: CE mark
Accessories: Switch key, product manual, packaging box
Origin: Taiwan

Moon Titan may vary slightly in color, size or representations from the pictures on the website or on the social media due to its hand crafted  and natural origin.