Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace the light bulb of old version LUNA?

Older version of Luna 15cm and 20cm

Older version of Luna 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm 


Please note that the light bulb that you might want to purchase later on will need to fit through the lid opening. Ensure while purchasing the new light's glass bulb width does not exceed the following measurement.
LUNA I (15cm), S (20cm): 5cm /1.97"
LUNA II (30cm), LUNA III (40cm), LUNA XL (50cm), LUNA IV (60cm) : 9cm / 3.5"


What if I lose my manual of old version LUNA?

  • LUNA MINI (8cm) download it here
  • LUNA I (15cm), S (20cm) download it here
  • LUNA II (30cm), LUNA III (40cm), LUNA XL (50cm), LUNA IV (60cm) download it here


How can I check the order status?

Simply write us an e-mail or a message and we will personally inform you of the status of your order.