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Show the world your magic. Infinite possibilities at your fingertip. 


April (Domestic - Taiwan Shipping)
May (International Shipping)


Inspired by nature, Luna is a key art piece, a realistic representation of the moon, meant for all those who want to set free their creativity and be a true designer, inventor, creator. 
Whether it's a media for you to tell your loved once how special they are, whether it's a companion for your outdoor night adventure , or whether it's a lightening spot for your crazy night, ... you decide. 


Luna also comes with heat resistant water repellant surface and durable to minor crashes but most of all it's a reminder to you to reach out for your moon.

Each Luna are made to order, entirely by hand and unique.
All Luna with the exception of Luna I  will come with a dimmer.

Luna MINI Model:
Color Temperature 580-585
Battery 3V CR2032
Light Bulb Brightness 26000

Luna I/II/III/IV Model:
Luna I Size: 15cm / 5.9", 400g
Luna II Size: 30 cm / 11.8", 1500g
Luna III Size: 40cm / 15.8", 2500g
Luna IV Size: 60cm / 23.6", 5000g

Light Bulb: E27
W: 6W
V-Hz 110V-230V, 50/60Hz
lm: 480
T (kelvin): 2600k
CRI: 80

Approval: CE mark

LUNA may vary slightly in colour, size or representations from the pictures on the website or on the social media as LUNAs are handmade and there may be slightly colour and or variations in the natural are material that we use.