LUNA I (15cm)

LUNA I (15cm)

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Moon on the go. 

Inspiration 靈感

Quite and calm yet strikingly beautiful. A recall to take the time to observe and meditate, to find one's dream and pursue it. A reminder to build spaces within without that nourishes the soul. Find the happy glow.

Delivery 交貨期

The following refers to the crafting time.
Once the production is completed, we will arrange the shipment.
According to the timeliness of global logistics, it will take an extra 1-3 weeks.


2-4 weeks  (Domestic - Taiwan Shipping and Rest of the World) 


2-4 weeks (EU), * please note for countries outside of the European Union customs taxes might incur.
2-4 weeks(US)  


Specifications 產品資訊

Material: 100% Natural Coating - Latex and mixed fibres.
Size: 15cm / 5.9"
Net Weight: 500g
Light Source: LED Hi-output LED Plate
T (kelvin): 2700k-3000k
CE, RoHS Certified


Features 產品特性

Fits in standard backpack
Water repellant 
Heat Resistant 
Durable to minor crashes. 
USB-A Port

LUNA is 100% handcrafted. It may vary slightly in colour, size or representations from the pictures on the website or on the social media.