ACORN STUDIO takes part in the Cultural Explosion in TAIPEI 2017

With spring in full swing, Taipei hosted the 7th Taiwan EXPO. Still under the world radar these 5 days exhibition brought the crème de la crème of the local creativity, technology and crafts to the niche connoisseurs. With a growing international attendance, ranging from top French, Israel to Thailand buyers, all were drawn by the mix of fresh creative ideas backed by a consolidated manufacturing industry.

Acorn Studio was invited to take part in the NEXT Pavilion, the “Brands to watch for” : from soft cement (tripleliving) to robotic lamp (Soyee) a new attitude towards modern lifestyle was forged.


Tree + Mirror + Luna = Oasis

Great advocate of transforming space with simple touches, for NEXT Acorn Studio created a tranquil room to breakaway from the stressful surrounding. Silent and soothing our 10 ft² booth was filled with the quieter moonlit beauty that invited each and every visitor to stop and relax.


We are  truly happy to encounter every of you under Luna and we hope you felt fulfilled as much as we did. For the ones who missed, make sure to jot down in your calendar for next year now.