We promise you engaging art,  
We invite you to redefine your surrounding
with a fresh touch.

Make art come alive,
Bring it into your daily life. 

About US

Acorn Studio was founded in 2015. We creates artworks that bring people pleasure and amazement.

Headquartered in Taiwan, we explore the relationship between people's emotions and how to rouse them. By looking at what has been forgotten or overlooked in the rituals of our daily lives, we ask ourselves: How can art awaken the spirit and trigger our creativity? What dreams have we forgot to dream? What stories and moments have we missed? 

An invitation to take a minute to reach out in the space that exist without us, we create links between the spirit inside us and the reality outside us; we make slow pacer spaces, artworks that converse and invite you to create time, space, moment for your happiness. 


Email Address

Company Information


No. 208, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Unified Business Number 42851853