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Delivery 交貨期

End of March  2020 (Domestic - Taiwan Shipping and Rest of the World) 

End of March  2020 (EU), * please note for countries outside of the European Union customs taxes might incur.

End of March  2020 (US)  

Specifications 產品資訊

Size: 40 cm / 15.7"
Net weight: 2500g
Coating: 100% Natural coating (Latex & Non Toxic Mixed Fibres)
Structure: PE

Light Bulb: Smart LED LIFX Mini Day & Dusk  , 
W: 9W
Voltage: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Light Flux: 800lm
Light Temperature: 1500-4000K

LUNA may vary slightly in colour, size or representations from the pictures on the website or on the social media due to its hand crafted  and natural origin.